The average resume gets a total of five to ten seconds of attention before a yes or no decision is made by the employer --


ROSS-HR knows what it takes to get a YES!


Our unique resume is a very direct, one-page resume that is used to open doors and get interviews.





In this phase of the training, ROSS-HR applies its proven processes to teach the job seeker how to:

  • Find unadvertised job opportunities

  • Use the internet and on line job posting sites

  • Work with staffing services, employment agencies and recruiters

  • Be interviewed and actually enjoy it

  • Turn every interview into a job offer

  • Negotiate the terms: salary, perks, bonuses, expenses, etc.

  • Keep the job by learning how to become an ideal employee



We also service America's finest employers with results-oriented outplacement services.

ROSS-HR is dedicated to helping people in their search for the right job. Through our innovative outplacement services program, displaced employees will immediately enter an intensive two day classroom training to learn hands-on job search activities. This  includes: resume and interview coaching; how to find hidden job openings and how to work with recruiters, staffing services and employment agencies. After the classroom training, each employee will receive one-on-one coaching to put them on the fast track to finding their ideal job.

The benefits to your company for using ROSS-HR are numerous. You will experience:

  • A decrease in unemployment compensation

  • Documentation to prove employee training in disputing unemployment claims

  • The satisfaction of knowing that your company has given a complete outplacement package to outgoing employees that will leave them enthusiastic and motivated to find new employment.

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Everyone can benefit from the services offered by ROSS-HR. From a recent college graduate to a secretary to a seasoned marketing, engineering or finance executive, all job seekers at every level will benefit from the focused and direct training that ROSS-HR Job Coaches provide.  Prices are nominal ranging from $50 to $500 depending on the service level category.




Each license owner and every member of their staff must complete rigorous training to become certified to serve as a trained ROSS-HR Professional Job Coach. In this training, they will learn everything they need to know to be effective. The Socratic training methods used by ROSS-HR are tried and true. The easy to understand & follow training manuals are derived from decades of experience in human resources.