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Approximately 7 million people are unemployed at any given time. However, every month over 3.5 million Americans find a job. Although some job searches are planned, the majority are unplanned for a variety of reasons. From the need for a second income to a workforce reduction at their current company, the reasons are as varied as the workers themselves.

Additionally, every American worker is face to face with a new reality – the corporate environment of the new millennium has changed. Gone are the days of lifetime jobs and single careers. As a matter of fact, the typical American worker will change jobs six to eight times and 40% of those will change careers at least two to three times.

With the challenge of finding a new job, comes the daunting task of creating a great resume and securing enough interviews to know the job offer is the right job to take.  Unfortunately, over 70% of all workers are unhappy in their jobs because they accepted their very first job offer.

This is the purpose of ROSS-HR:  To help the job seeker to create a unique resume as well as provide coaching for the actual job search and interview process.

Many of our clients have been in the same position for years and don't have a resume.  We've developed a unique way to gather the information we need to get us started on the first draft.  It's called, "No Resume...No Problem."  Most of our clients love it.  We, then, follow up with emails and interviews to make sure we have all the "news that's fit to print"...that vital information that an interviewer needs to call you to come in. 

ROSS-HR has designed a foolproof system that teaches job applicants to conquer the interview process. This system helps applicants become the master of their responses, thereby assuring positive interviews. Not only will ROSS-HR clients succeed in an interview, they will actually learn to enjoy the interview process.