"I have known Bob Snelling for fifty years and I know the dedication he brings to helping others find the right job.  There is a great need for Job Coaches with his depth of experience in resumes and job hunting."  


Richard Nelson Bolles, Author, "What Color is Your Parachute"

"Most of those leaving the military, regardless of rank, are in great need of a Job Coach. With Bob's years of experience in helping thousands find the right job, his firm is the one I'd recommend to them." 


Paul Cerjan, Brigadier General US Army, retired

"Bob Snelling's commencement message to our graduating MBA's was right on. His many years of experience in teaching others how to find jobs for those seeking a new or first career will stand him in good stead in his new business of teaching others how to be Job Coaches." 


Alan Goldfarb, Professor, School of Business, University of Dallas

"We have seen Bob's dedication and perseverance in helping countless people find the job that was just right for them. His many years of experience in knowing what companies want in a resume will be of great help to his clients."


Michael Little, CEO, Christian Broadcasting Network

"I wish every one could see and hear Bob's positive, upbeat, yet down to earth advice to job hunters like I have.  He is a refreshing breath of air in the midst of the negative, naysayers of this world about the real opportunities that exist in the job market." 


Dennis McCuistion, Producer of the weekly PBS TV Program,

"Talking About Things That Matter With People Who Care"

"In the 15 years I have known Bob Snelling, his dedication to helping others find the right job has been personified. Recent College Graduates need to have a Job Coach like Bob on their side when looking for that first job." 


John Mulford, Retired Dean of the Regent University School of Business

"Bob's common sense approach to business and to education is also apparent in his approach to the writing of resumes and job coaching.  There is nothing in the Bible about retiring, so I applaud Bob's life long mission to help others find their place in the work a day world." 


Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel, The American Center for Law & Justice

"The young men and women from all over the world were entranced by Bob's enthusiasm and vigor. I recall we had to cut off the question and answer period after his talk about ethics in business so he could have dinner with the Superintendent of the Naval Academy." 


Commander R. Trainor, U.S. Naval Academy

"I have been a cheerleader for Bob's former company, Snelling and Snelling, for many years.  Being a trainer and motivator I know one when I see one and Bob has taught thousands how to help others find their nitch in life. There is a great need for his new business of Job & Resume Coaching." 


Zig Ziglar, CEO/President, and Author "See You at the Top"

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