"Bob, you are fantastic.  I really didn't expect anything until tomorrow."

- Engineer/Project Manager, North Carolina

"After taking early retirement with more than 25 years of service at one company, I had no idea how to build a resume or prepare for an interview, let alone conduct an effective job search.  Your resume got me the call; your training for the phone interview, got me the face to face interview; your coaching on the personal interview, got me the job offer of $50 per hour."

- Data Processing Project Manager, Texas

"...I did land the job...I start next Monday...Thank you again for the wonderful resume that you created for me...I will be sure to recommend you all to anyone I know..."

- Recent College Graduate, Financial Services Trainee, North Carolina

"The attachment opened--and WOW my resume looks amazing!!  Thank you so much.  What's the next step?"

- News Reporter, Florida

"Thanks for the input.  I appreciate your advice, but especially your sense of humor.  Sometimes, we need to be able to talk to an expert about the experience of job searching because it can be ego deflating, to say the least." 

- Administrative Assistant, Texas

"Your resume blows ours out of the water!"

- Aircraft Mechanic, Texas

"Thanks for the feedback, Coach Bob!  I appreciate the advice and answers to my questions.  You guys seemed to have thought through most everything!  Regarding my resume--I like the format, the color, conciseness, elimination of physical address, downplaying of my name.  My wife particularly liked the first part of the tag at the bottom of the resume:  'Happily married, willing to travel...'  

Regarding the book, "What Color is Your Parachute"--I got a lot out of that book just after college.  It really helped me think through what type of positions/work environments that would best suite me--and has also helped me over the years to formulate my questions to ask during interviews.  If my work would slow down enough for me, I know that I would really benefit from re-reading the book.  Looking forward to the next steps...Your Eager Student"

- IT Manager, Arizona

"Thank you for your winning attitude and professional help!"

- Kyle, Texas

"Thank you!  This is a visually stimulating and exciting first draft.  I will take the rest of today and early tomorrow to review the coaching document and resume.  I look forward to speaking with you [to finalize the resume]" and "...I appreciate your valuable assistance in obtaining a job I am so very excited about and a great fit for me...Again, Bob, thanks for your input."

- Business Manager/Managing Partner, West Virginia

"I love it! are a great mentor!"

- Executive Director (non-profits), Texas

"...Bob, your recommendation regarding my employment situation was very productive...I am currently doing well in the department since I have discussed the matter with you and have followed your strategy and your suggestions...Thank you so much for your input and coaching!"

- Accountant, California: Dramatically improved inter-departmental working relationships

"...I have offers from all of the law enforcement agencies I applied to.  Thanks for the great resume!"

- Law Enforcement Officer, California

"Today was my first career fair and I walked away with three interviews set-up!"

- Recent Marketing Graduate, Michigan

"Thank you very much.  After reading this [my resume], I thought, 'Hey, I would hire myself.'"

- Administrative Assistant, Texas

"Thank you so much for the work you did on my husband's resume. Every job he applied to gave him praise about how well his resume was built. It really showed them great insight into his previous experience. In previous years, I had built his resume for him & I just couldn't find an efficient way to list all of his accomplishments without a four page resume. Devin has worked toward a higher position in his industry for 11 years with no success.  Using the resume you built for him, he has found a Nation-wide company that is very eager to move him into the position he has been striving for within just a matter of months. That has improved his outlook 100%. Thank you so very much for your help and encouragement."  

- Facilities Manager, Texas

"Thank you so much for the revised resume you and your skilled staff prepared for me.  I particularly appreciate how you stated my qualifications in an easy to read and concise manner.  You've also given me some areas of business which I would not have considered previously."

- Marketing Manager, Virginia Beach

"Looks great! ...You did a fantastic job and I appreciate all your work!...Thank you so much for working on this and sending it so promptly! . . . I feel like a kid in a candy store looking at all the "goodies" you've been so kind to send!                                

- Hospitality Management, Texas:  Current employer made counter offer to retain valued employee

"I must say that I am pleasantly surprised and encouraged by you and your attitude.  Even if my initial outlook on finding suitable employment in this area was rather pessimistic -- even sarcastic - you're giving me hope and changing my attitude.  I appreciate your help and guidance.  It really is a new world to me, again!

- Manager (Retired Military Officer), Texas

"The good news is that I have successfully secured employment in the career field of my choice...The resume you designed for me clearly played a big part in this opportunity; in fact, my job search went well and I received several offers.  I want to thank you for all your help.  I will be contacting you soon with my new job title and description so you can update my resume right away." 

- Social Services, California:  Recent MSW graduate accepted position as HR Management Trainee

"I read through everything and am so excited!  Thank you so much.  I love the new format!  I cannot thank you enough!

- Paralegal, Wisconsin

"Just wanted to send you a quick note to say 'thank you' for the help with my resume.  It took some time and a lot of effort, but I got the exact job I was looking for.  The resume you made for me was very professional and was responsible for getting my foot in the door.  I got a job as a superintendent for a large construction company with benefits including health insurance and 401K program.  I look forward to a six figure salary within the first year.  I was only able to do that because of my initial introduction through the resume that you created for me." 

- Commercial Property Manager, California

"This is an incredible resume!  I was very impressed with the work.  Thank you very much!

- Franchise Marketing Executive, Texas

"...Thanks for checking on me.  I am still employed by my company.  I will be on the job market around the middle of September.  I have looked at the job search docs and found them VERY helpful.  I will be in touch with Coach Bob a little closer to my availability date."

- Experienced Human Resource Manager, Florida

"Please let me thank you for the resume work you did for me.  As you know, I have been offered and accepted the job I was pursuing.  I am certain the resume you prepared was an integral part of landing the job.  You did an excellent job of concisely presenting my experience and qualifications.  In fact, so good that when I interviewed, I was told there was no need to discuss my previous work experience and qualifications.  I cannot tell you how confident that made me feel.  Undoubtedly, I was benefited greatly by having professional assistance in preparing my resume.  I assure you I will highly recommend ROSS-HR to everyone I know."

- Bill, So. Carolina

"I had never been in the job market before and hired an executive search firm to help with the process. They charged a ridiculous amount of money and I did not receive one call or interview from them. I was fortunate that common friends told me that ResumesByROSS could help me. That was putting it mildly! My job coach at ResumesByROSS prepared my resume and worked with me to teach me how to work the job market. Within two weeks, I found the perfect position that fit my skills exactly. My job coach was a true professional with a huge heart for helping the job seeker and she is someone that I will never pursue any other position without!"

                                                                                        - Emily, Texas

"Thank you so much for putting my resume together. I am very excited about the content and layout that you had put together. The work you did on the resume was exceptional. I have mentioned your company to others as well."

- Mark, Michigan

"It is I who should be thanking you all - Both of you, along with Bob. Thanks for taking my humble beginnings of a resume and turning it into a spectacular resume."

             - Dawn, Virginia

"Please accept this note as my BIG THANKS for a GOOD JOB! The one page resume you crafted from my long life story draft is concise, readable, and interesting. Just the kind of help I needed. I've enjoyed our frequent chats and appreciated the very quick turnaround times. It is clear to me that your services generate benefits way beyond your modest fees. So, thanks again and I look forward to your further coaching."

- Software Executive, Texas

"How very much I appreciate your expert assistance. I was considerably more knowledgeable at the end of our phone conversation than I was at the beginning of that phone call. Thank you for sharing your expertise and your time with me."

- Joan, Missouri

"Just wanted to let you know that I accepted an offer from a company!  I submitted my notice to my current employer, declined a counter offer and negotiated a 15% increase from the original offer as well as a 90 day probationary pay rate.  I am excited about this next step for my career development. Thanks so much for your help and guidance along the way. My wife and I can't wait to start looking for a house! Sincerely & appreciatively,"            

- Network Engineer, Texas

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my job coach. She has been a great help in working on my resume. I am excited about my upcoming interviews. Thanks again for all you have done. I am so thankful to be working with you and your team."

                                                - Billy, Texas

"Bob, you have done A GREAT JOB with my resume!  The format looks good and it is brief, powerful and to the point.  Thanks again."

- Sales Executive, Florida

"This is really getting to be fun and I believe it all started when I started with ROSS-HR."

- Executive Assistant, Pennsylvania

"...I have just started a new job!  It's a manager position, running the meetings and conventions department.  I'm back in the type of job that I am good at and back to the salary range that I came from.  I truly want to thank you for your help and words of encouragement.  I remember what you said about not letting one experience define who I am - I repeat that to myself every day.  Thank you again for your support during a very dark period in my life." 

- Event Planner, Illinois



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